You Need Writing- I Can Help

Many years as a successful business owner and marketer give me an ability to analyze each assignment and decide how that content can help you achieve your marketing goals.

The purpose of having online content is to create authority and influence and to convert those results into action. Regardless of whether you prefer a formal or laid-back approach, serious or lighthearted style; I will tailor your story to reflect your company’s purpose, meaning and expertise.

Great writing gets attention. Successful inbound marketing depends on exceptional writing and gets you noticed as the go-to company in the field. You want to attract new prospects and keep existing customers interested and engaged.

I understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its value in improving search engine results. Therefore, I can naturally include the terms that will enhance your ranking while providing valuable information to your customers.

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Projects I can do for you:

  • Advertising brochures
  • Website copywriting
  • Direct mail materials
  • Press releases
  • Social media postings
  • Newsletters
  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog posts
  • e-books

Five Reasons to hire me:

  1. You just don’t like to write.
  2. There’s not enough time to really do it.
  3. My experience and expertise will benefit you.
  4. You have run out of ideas to write about.
  5. You don’t understand writing for the web.