Doing Good Feels Great!

Angst, concern for the future, depression; if you share these common feelings, volunteering is a concrete thing you can do to feel better. In fact, it has emotional benefits, may improve your physical health and improve your career opportunities. Read More

3 Easy Tips to Raising a Great Puppy

Behavior problems such as chewing, barking, demanding attention and soiling the house are among the main reasons people give up their dogs to shelters. These problems are easy to prevent. Read More

Dangerous Chemicals in Our Homes

“Danger! This product may cause irreversible damage to the brain and hormonal systems of the user.”  That should be on the label of many products we use daily. Read More

Peppers are Hot With Customers and Market Farmers

What are Shishitos?  A thin-walled, sweet pepper that originates in Japan. ‘Shishi’ means lion since the pepper resembles the small head of a lion combined withtogarishi’ which translates into chili pepper. Read More