Number One Thing You Need To Know About Your Business

The #1 Thing: Your Business is Not About You

Your business doesn’t revolve around you and mine does not exist because of me.

Yes, we put the work, money, sweat, and tears into it- and it’s easy to feel that it’s centered around us.

“What’s in it for me?” is what the customer wants to know. If we forget that, we will be in trouble.

I Want to Share a Personal Story With You

Years ago, pursuing a lifelong dream, I started a dog kennel- raising top quality German Shepherd Dogs for pets and service dogs.

I had amazing dogs whose bloodlines hearkened back to the foundations of the breed- some arrived directly from Germany, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia. All of them had the best training, conformation, and health.

On my website, I had their pedigrees and photos.

But, I was struggling to sell my pups, and with 22 dogs- they were eating a lot!

Five Things You Want to Know Before You Buy a Puppy

I had a picture in my mind of who might buy my dogs but, I wasn’t answering her questions when she thought of buying a new puppy.

  1. “What are his parents like?”
  2. “How likely is my dog to have a long and healthy life?”
  3. “Will this pup fit in my home?”
  4. “What if he doesn’t have the temperament I want?”
  5. “If this dog doesn’t work out, can I get my money back?”

Give the Customer What He Wants

A talented website designer convinced me to invest in a high-quality site. I put an incredible amount of time into writing content that detailed how I raised and socialized each puppy according to the most up-to-date canine behavior information available.

There were lots of photos illustrating the pups’ daily lives- socializing at the airport, playing with kittens and kids, chasing balls.

I included copies of their parents’ hip x-rays and other health information and explained their carefully formatted diet

Each pup received multiple photo sessions, accenting their best characteristics. They were so cute- who could resist?

Especially with my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lastly, I invested in some paid Google pay-per-click advertising.

One of My Most Amazing Experiences

Now I had a waiting list of people wanting puppies at three times the price!

It was a lesson I try never to forget. My dogs and their care hadn’t changed. I put myself in my customer’s place and provided the information they needed.

My website looked more professional and as my designer told me, “People actually are more confident when they feel they are paying more and getting the best.”

 You Should Think Like Your Customer

Even though I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time, I still need to keep this statement in mind.

Studying target customers and developing a persona is crucial, however, don’t stop there.

  • What questions do your clients have?
  • Are you highlighting how you meet their needs?
  • Why is your business their best choice?

Content writing can illustrate the best things your business is doing. Whether you do it yourself or hire some help, don’t miss this chance to connect with your customer. 

According to this recent article, 70% of businesses who sell to other businesses (B2B), are planning to increase the amount of content they are posting in 2018.

Answer questions, demonstrate your competence, entertain and inspire-great writing can do all this and more.

Contact me to discuss how content can boost your bottom line in the new year.