7 Sensational Sign Tips – Guaranteed To Boost Your Business

Has this happened to you? A friend raves about a new coffee shop on a street you drive every day. For a week you keep an eye out for it.  Finally, walking and using your phone you find it. The problem? You couldn’t see the sign.

Not good! The decor’s attractive, the barista made a killer cappuccino, and this start-up even made a marketing plan. But they neglected their most significant 24/7 marketing opportunity- signage.

Seven hundred vehicles drive slowly by their shop every day plus a good number of pedestrians. They’re missing a chance to market to all these people.

7 Tested Tips for Effective Signs

1.  Boost Your Business

The most important purpose for signs is to help potential customers see you and notice you.  Doors, windows, sidewalk signs, hanging signs… let your imagination roam and check out this site for ideas.

Find out if there are zoning rules or business district restrictions before you go too far in your design process.

2.  Choose Colors to Grab the Eye

If your brand or logo does not contain red or yellow, can you find a way to use one of these colors?

Yellow background works best in visual crowded environments, for architectural and psychological factors yellow is often used. Yellow with black lettering sends out a clear information message. Using yellow also makes it easy to use orange, red and green, which all work great together in a signage system. (from designworkplan.com)

3.  Size Your Lettering So Folks Can Read It

Check out this helpful calculator to determine effective lettering and sign size. Remember, it’s got to be easy to see both from a car and on foot.

4.  Choose a Clear Typeface

This is not the place for calligraphy. It’s okay to choose a font with some character if it’s readable.

5.  Light ‘er up!

Make your signs work overtime with adequate lighting, neon, or even better, neon in motion!

6.  Keep It Simple

What should your signs say? Really, just a few things are must-haves.

Who you are. Name- big and beautiful.

Where you are. your street address.  

What you do or sell. Make it clear and simple.

When you’re open. Days and hours.

Be creative with smaller signs you can update with holidays, local event tie-ins or special sales.

7.  Show Your Pride

Don’t let paint fade, vinyl lettering peel, or burned-out light bulbs linger.

Keep your eyes open and analyze business signs. What works? What doesn’t?

Of course, signs can be efficient, silent salespeople inside your store, too.

If you need more ideas to build your business, drop me an email. I’d love to get together for a free one-hour marketing consultation.