How to Boost Your Creativity (for free!) With Mind Mapping

Help! Writer’s block? Can’t focus or concentrate? Is your brain cluttered?

A technique called mind mapping may be what you need.  It will help you generate ideas, connect thoughts, and organize information.

For example, last week I was working on a project with pages and pages of writing, but I could not seem to put it in the order I had in mind.

Desperately, I checked out my bookshelf and found a book I hadn’t read yet.  I picked up  Book Blueprint: How Any Entrepreneur Can Write an Awesome Book, by Jacqui Pretty. In chapter two she suggests using mind mapping to clarify your thoughts.  Since I was finding her writing helpful, I figured I might as well try it. In fact, I organized my article quickly and even gained insight into a complicated section.  Continue reading “How to Boost Your Creativity (for free!) With Mind Mapping”

Use Plain Language to Quickly Improve Your Message

How often have you read something like this? Does it make you want to visit the library?


The Anytown Public Library provides residents of any age opportunities to find and use information in many formats as they pursue personal growth and education throughout their lives. It helps them develop their ability to find and evaluate information used daily and all life long. It provides materials and programs relevant to contemporary issues and interests that enlighten, inform, and entertain.

One of my favorite tips comes from William Zinsser’s book, On Writing Well, in which he says, “Clear thinking becomes clear writing; one can’t exist without the other.”

The challenge is to actually think clearly and here are some basic tips. Continue reading “Use Plain Language to Quickly Improve Your Message”

How To Design An Incredible Marketing Plan To Make More Money


“My sales aren’t where they need to be!” You’re sure of that but coming up with a marketing plan to get more business can be hard!

If you can’t tell a marketing plan from a marketing strategy, I can help. Here are the steps to develop a successful campaign to reach your business goals and make more money. Continue reading “How To Design An Incredible Marketing Plan To Make More Money”

How to Craft an Easy, Meaningful Mission Statement

You hear it all the time- you need a Mission Statement to focus your marketing.

Yet, your eyes cross and your brain screams, “Overload! Overload!”, every time you try to figure it out.

Without a doubt, you need a Mission Statement.  It not only defines your company’s purpose,  it provides a framework on which to build your marketing strategy. Continue reading “How to Craft an Easy, Meaningful Mission Statement”

How to Target Your Customer Profile for Maximum Profit

To hit the marketing bull’s eye, you’ve got to have a target.

Do you know bona fide, research-based methods exist that you can use to define your customer profile?

You need to decide which social media to post on, which benefits of your service or product to highlight and the best keywords to use in your writing and here’s an effective way to do it. Continue reading “How to Target Your Customer Profile for Maximum Profit”

Get Powerful Results from Your Website

“Websites are old news. Social media is all I need.”

As a small business owner you might think you don’t even need a website.  At the same time, you may say that obtaining sales leads and traffic are one of your biggest needs.

However, studies show that this impression is not correct. Your Instagram photos, Twitter posts and other forms of social media, help keep your name in customers’ minds, but they don’t replace your website. Social media can help build a brand, but they won’t sell products.

Continue reading “Get Powerful Results from Your Website”