People + Planet + Passion + Profit = Successful Fulfilling Business

What you want to know is how working with me will help you.  So I won’t spend a lot of time talking about myself.


Growing up on a homestead in the Alaskan wilderness, I developed a profound appreciation for nature in all its forms. Living entirely off-the-grid, I was a hippy before they invented the word!

Since then I have combined a love of plants and animals, books and writing, family and kids, into a series of successful careers. My hands have been in the dirt and my heart in helping people as long as I can remember.

I have spent decades as an entrepreneur- learning the real-life lessons of marketing strategy, meeting payroll, paying bills, and making a profit. I am excited when your company thrives.

There are plenty of writers out there, but few with my experience in marketing.

Here are skills I will use to help you grow your business:

  • Effective writing 
  • Personal knowledge and experience in green industries
  • Obsessively thorough research
  • Impeccable proofreading
  • Marketing savvy and strategy
  • Empathetic approach to using customer personas
  • Common-sense approach to problem-solving
  • Disciplined and data-driven
  • Above all- I care about your success

Writing is only valuable when it achieves your goals and, I can help you do that.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a website developer, or work with an agency- let’s talk.

Get in touch to discuss how together we CAN make a difference.